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Nicole Fox, PhD

Over the past decade, my research has centered on how remembrances of atrocity crimes shape the dynamics of social change. I am invested in understanding how social actors remember, reconcile, and rebuild in the aftermath of human rights abuses. How a community remembers its past has implications for the present-day, and the future. State narratives of the past, collective memory, and the allocation of resources after atrocity matter, as they impact contemporary policies, laws, and crime patterns. 

Assosiate Professor of Criminal Justice 

California State University Sacramento

6000 J Street 

Sacramento, CA 95819

Check out my book:

After Genocide: Memory and Reconciliation in Rwanda 

American Society for Criminologists Division of Feminist Criminology, 2023 Best Book Award


American Sociological Association 2022 Peace War and Social Conflict Honorable Mention for Outstanding Book

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