Virunga volcano national park landscape with green farmland fields in the foreground, Rwan

Recent Publications


Fox, Nicole. 2021. After Genocide: Memory and Reconciliation in Rwanda. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, Critical Human Rights Series.


Refereed Articles

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* Winner, American Sociological Association Human Rights Section, Best Scholarly Article, 2021


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Radio Interview titled “What Rescuers During the Rwandan Genocide Tell Us About Becoming a Hero.” Conducted on November 21, 2019 with Top of Mind with Julie Rose Boston: BYUradio.

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*Winner, Award for Outstanding Research on Jews and Gender, Hadassah Institute, 2014.

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Fox, Nicole. 2010. ‘“Their History is Part of Me’: Third Generation American Jews and Intergenerational Transmission of Memory, Trauma and History.” Journal for the Study of the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism, 4(87): 9-35. Hebrew edition (2009).

Book Chapters

Fox, Nicole. Forthcoming. “Feminist Approaches to Studying Memory and Mass Atrocity.” Interpreting Contentious Memory: Countermemories and Conflicts over the Past. Edited by Thomas DeGloma and Janet Jacobs. London: Bristol University Press.

Fox, Nicole. Forthcoming. “Memorialization After Atrocity Crimes.” Oxford Handbook of Atrocity Crimes. New York: Oxford University Press.

Uwazie, Ernest and Nicole Fox. 2019. “Approaches to Transitional Justice: Two Cases from Africa” in J. Noble, Ed., Critical Issues in Criminal Justice: Historical Perspectives. Oakland: Cognella Press.

Public Scholarship

Fox, Nicole. Moderator, Organizer and Speaker for webinar: “In remembrance there is life”: A conversation on memorialization amid a global pandemic.” May 22, 2020. Chaplaincy Innovations Lab. 


Fox, Nicole. May 1, 2020. “Memorializing COVID-19.” Mobilizing Ideas. 


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